Welcome aboard a first-of-its-kind audio, visual and sensory experience that transports you through three iconic music periods: Jazz, Funk & Soul and Disco

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About Aures London's LexTempus


Experience a stellar line-up of decade-defining artists as you’ve never seen them before. This first-of-its-kind multisensory experience developed by pioneering art collective Aures London and Observatory, transports you to three iconic locations across three decades in one night and puts you centre stage to appreciate music in a whole new way. .

An event like no other, Aures London has transformed their immersive tech venue into LexTempus, a digital time machine for this awesome immersive experience.

Embark on a 90-minute sonic adventure that transports you to three of America’s greatest cities and the home to these celebrated music periods.  Sashay into smoky Chicago for the golden age of Jazz (1955 to 1965) and visit the famous Blue Note Club to experience titans of the genre, including Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Ella Fitzgerald and Nina Simone. Next stop, it is New York (1965 to 1975) and the legendary Madison Square Garden for a royal appointment with soul kings The Temptations, Isaac Hayes, Curtis Mayfield, Marvin Gaye and James Brown. The final destination takes in the hot hedonism of disco as you enter San Francisco (1975 to 1985) for an open-air concert at Golden Gate Bridge Park with a glittering line-up that features The Emotions, Chic, Sister Sledge, Donna Summer and Diana Ross. 

This musical odyssey is a feast for the senses. Intimate and awe-inspiring, LexTempus Multisensory Music Experienceenables you to experience musical greats like never before; hear every note like you are actually there with an immersive, high-fidelity listening experience on 54 Pioneer Pro speakers. Breath-taking visuals are dramatically displayed on floor-to-ceiling 270-degree screens. Complimenting the music are stunning graphics from visual innovators, Observatory that will catapult you to these iconic cities to experience these legendary artists. Feel every beat with ground-breaking use of SubPac haptic technology, while a myriad of bespoke aromas perfumes the atmosphere, creating an immersive experience that is completely unique. 

Enjoy a carefully curated cocktail list, with an extensive selection to choose from that pays homage to each genre. Sip on Bourbon, Rye and Rum Punches and sit back and soak up the music and visual surroundings. 

“With gigs and travel being disrupted for so long now, this is an exciting chance to escape the everyday and be transported away on a totally unique journey.” 
Robyn Collins, Aures London Co-Founder

"Listening to music in this multisensory format enables you to fully experience it in more depth. It puts you in the front row and as you experience all the elements of each song, you’ll see why the artists we’ve chosen are so iconic.  It’s the ultimate experience for music lovers."  
Sam Davis, Aures London Co-Founder


Aures London is located on Leake Street, nestled below Waterloo Station. LexTempus Multisensory Music Experience is an intimate experience with a maximum capacity of 50 people per flight. Once checked-in, guests will be encouraged to switch their phones to ‘flight mode’, enjoy a menu of delicious cocktails and snacks served by our captivating crew led by Captain Krystal Pila and enjoy a mesmerising evening. 

Aures London has championed the use of innovative and emerging technology since it opened its doors in 2018. Now, as it welcomes guests back into its event space, it does so using a pioneering air purification mist that is an effective, non-toxic cleaning product made from electrolysed water that combats the spread of airborne microbes for a Covid-safe environment for all visitors.

A collaboration between pioneering art collective Aures London, with visuals provided by Observatory, LexTempus  is a debut production and partnership from two of London’s leading experience companies. Aures has been producing immersive events at the space for brands for over three years in its spectacular venue that boasts the best sound system and acoustics in Europe. And to compliment, Observatory specialises in animated visual content to bring these immersive setups to life. Working together to make a timeless show, LexTempus Multisensory Music Experience is the inaugural event from IMAJON - a series of immersive sound and visual events produced by Aures London.