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New Cloakroom Technology from Chexology

Cloakrooms are often the first and last touch point of an event and if done poorly, can leave guests with a bad impression. Our new cloakroom system turns the traditional cloakroom experience around so that it not only minimises losses and speeds up the process but is also a brandable interface that can provide important event analysis. Here are 5 ways it can improve your event and allow you to focus on other important things:
1. Never hand back a wrong item
The customer ticket is their mobile phone number, so no lost tickets. Also, a photo of both the customer and the item are taken at check-in to further minimise any mix-ups. 
2. No more lost property
A text is automatically sent to any guests who have left items behind with clear instructions on how and when they can come and collect. 

3. Speedy arrivals 
Our new system uses ticketless technology where guests are logged with the click of a button to speed up check ins and cuts down cloakroom queues. 
4. Customisable interface
We can add your branding to the check-in interface and personalise your arrival and departure text messages with details like trackable links that direct customers to social sites, sign ups, and mobile apps. 
5. Key event insights 
We can provide you with key insights of your event such as total customers served, average check-in and check-out times and average length of customer stay.

For more info or to book in a site visit please please contact us or call  020 7164 6331.

Chexology at Aures London
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