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Located on Leake Street, Aures London has developed a state-of-the-art audio system to create the best sounding venue in Europe. With a wide range of audio experiences – true stereophonic, soundstage, binaural and 3D audio - the listener is immersed in the purest sound quality. This is a revolutionary sound experience where songs you have heard 1,000’s of times can sound completely new. 

Aures is an arts and events venue that goes beyond the conventional event space and is a perfect blank canvas for innovative events. It also boasts the world's first permanent 3D and true stereophonic audio system which offers crystalline sound whoever you are stood in the room.

Since opening in Spring 2018, the venue has become a leader for new music technology and audio experiences - a destination for top DJs, producers and music industry professionals.  Founder Sam Davis established the venue as an audio laboratory and an opportunity to champion new technology and constantly develop the system. He is also bringing together artists, musicians and developers to encourage experimentation and push boundaries through new, digital mediums available at the venue. 



Aures London

Unit 7

18 Leake Street London SE1 7NN


Tel: 020 7164 6331

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Aures is located on Leake Street under Waterloo Station. Since Banksy held his infamous Cans Festival here in 2008, Leake Street has become London’s largest legal street art space. The tunnel is a constantly changing canvas and offers street artists, taggers, tourists and locals to express themselves through their art.


Conveniently located under Waterloo station, Aures is just minutes from the Southbank and Covent Garden with excellent transport links.

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