An immersive Space for Arts & Entertainment

Aures London

Located on 'Banksy Tunnel' in London Waterloo, Aures London goes beyond the conventional event space experience using sensory technology and dynamic programming to create unique immersive experiences for arts and corporate events.

Aures London’s immersive tech streaming suite creates stunning audiovisual immersive events, live streaming and virtual performances to connect and engage with your online audience. We have huge 15 x 3.5m projection screens along two walls plus a 6.5 x3.5 rear projection screen. Customisable immersive visuals processed through Resolume 7.0 with live feed capabilities.

Pioneer-sponsored DJ booth, Pioneer Pro Audio immersive speaker set-up. Broadcasting in 512 b/s for the high stereo quality audio for those listening online. Plus Multi-camera streaming set-up, using Atem 4 HD camera control system plus live motion drone cameras  and 1 Gb up and down fibre optic connection for reliable live streaming. 

immersive experiences

We are transforming Aures London into Europe's first fully-immersive digital art and exhibition space. Through breath-taking visuals, 3D soundscapes, haptic technology and scent delivery, visitors can be transported under the sea, to Mount Everest base camp or even up into space. We transform corporate events, launches and parties in to fully immersive unforgettable experiences.  

venue hire & events

We are an exciting Central London Zone 1 unique event space available for venue hire for private parties and corporate events. With capacity of 300 standing, central location and in-house AV, we are the best event space for venue hire for a stand-out event, product activation, music launch, office Christmas party, conference or corporate event. 


Customizable surround visuals, high-quality audio transmission and multiple HD camera angle filming, including drone technology. Broadcast your live streaming event to YouTube, Instagram Live, Twitch or other platform from our immersive tech suite. 


Create stunning immersive events, live streaming and virtual performances to connect with your audiences during the uncertainties of the Covid19 pandemic. Perfect for 

streaming events, product launches, influencer events and filming

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